There are certain personality traits associated with certain animals that we generally accept as fact. Sloths are slow and sleepy, for example, while dogs are known for their undying loyalty towards their owners.

Yet there are also times that animals, like humans, could have stereotypes attached to them that don’t necessarily fit. That was certainly the case with at least one cat.

For one couple, making their indoor rescue cat love the outdoors was just the beginning. Just wait until you find out what happened when they took her to the beach!

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Nathan the cat was only a couple of weeks old when she was found with her two siblings and mother in a box on the side of a dangerous freeway. Luckily, the RSPCA took them in, and a wonderful couple adopted her shortly after.

Melissa Pietrobuono, one of Nathan’s owners said in an interview.“We named her Nathan at first as a joke before we got her,”  “Nathan is a character from a show my partner and I have watched called Angry Boys.”

“But once we brought her home, we actually quite liked the name and it stuck, despite not really being a girl’s name,” Melissa continued. “It still makes us laugh sometimes and we can’t imagine her being named anything else.” What surprised them even more, though, was what happened one day recently when they brought Nathan to the beach…

Nathan immediately fell in love with her human parents, going so far as to start following them everywhere the moment that they brought her home. She still doesn’t like to be far from their side, even when her owners are fast asleep.

Nathan’s parents know that she’s an indoor cat, but it’s still important to them that she gets to spend plenty of time outdoors. The couple used a leash and a harness to train her, and even took her to the beach near their home. What they didn’t expect was what she would do once she felt the water on her paws…

Initially, Nathan was a bit overwhelmed by the new experience—cats notoriously hate water, after all—but she trusted her family so much that she followed them anyway. Soon enough, she didn’t need a leash anymore. She even jumped in!

Melissa said.“The first time my partner Rian walked into the water, [Nathan] wanted to stay with him and followed him into the water without any problem,”  “Initially she just wet her legs and body, would jump over a few little waves, and then we went deeper and deeper into the water and she would still follow, and now she swims.”

There’s nothing this cat loves more than swimming with her owners, who now take her to the beach a few times each week. In fact, Nathan might even help put that old stereotype about cats disliking water to rest!

Melissa said:“Other than following us everywhere, she swims, keeps an eye for dogs and any people around,”  “She stares down seagulls, but hasn’t built up the courage to approach them yet. When the crabs come out she chases them around also. But most of her time is following us around and getting wet.”

There may still be people who are convinced that all cats hate being in the water, and indeed, some cats really do. Yet if Nathan’s story proves anything, it’s that anything is possible with enough love and patience!

Nathan is so happy now that it’s easy to forget how rough her life was at the start. It seems like things could only get better from here!