The hawk is one of the premier hunters in the natural world. Its eyes are capable of spotting prey from 100 feet away and, when in a dive, some can reach speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

Recently, a video surfaced online of a group of folks attending a barbecue near a river, when a hawk began circling. Suddenly, it dove, and it eventually carried off something huge. They naturally looked on, stunned at this beautiful act of nature…

…until it came time to run for the hills!


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Hawks are incredible hunters. After all, they’re able to spot prey from great distances and swoop down with ferocious speed and accuracy to make the kill. We don’t always get to witness them in action, but luckily, a video recently surfaced online that showed just how powerful and frightening these birds can be!

A family was hosting a barbecue one afternoon next to a large pond. The area was teeming with birds and small animals, and guests were enjoying each other’s company out in nature when, suddenly, a hawk started to cause quite the stir.

One of the guests excitedly pointed toward the beautiful hawk soaring through the air. It was gracefully gliding above their heads and clearly in search for its dinner several feet below. It was no surprise to see the hawk; after all, they loved to fish!

This hawk in particular was flying around and around at an incredible speed. It would pass the party so quickly it looked like a blur on the camera. Everyone’s attention was on the beautiful bird as they waited for it to take a dive.

Then, on one of the bird’s passes, it started flying lower to the ground. The family was transfixed on his movements, and they couldn’t believe when he touched down on the ground in front of them for a brief second. Had it grabbed something?

The hawk extended his razor sharp claws and he snatched up what appeared to be a massive snake right off the ground! The family was in shock; they hadn’t even seen the reptile, and it was mere feet from where they were all standing. Still, what happened next was way scarier…

The hawk swooped back up into the air and banked left. All of the family members at the barbecue were watching the snake shake violently, trying to free itself from the clutches of the bird’s talons. Would the snake attack the hawk?

The bird flew out to the middle of the pond, and the family thought he’d continue on into the distance to feast on his newly-captured meal. But then he made a sudden turn in the air. Now he was heading straight towards the party!

A few of the members of the barbecue quickly moved away from the tent just in case the bird was on a kamikaze mission. Surely he’d swerve away into the sky above and take the snake with him, right?

As frighteningly real as this video appears, it’s actually fake. It was created by a the Australian Football League club The Hawks as a promotional campaign for their new season, and they sure fooled us!